A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
We are a private 501(c)(3) Pit Bull rescue. Meaning this rescue does not make a dime, every penny goes right back into saving innocent lives from death row. None of my volunteers or me is paid. We do not receive grants, or government monies of any kind. There are seven very dedicated families who foster dogs for us. We help area animal controls, other rescue groups, and stray animals find loving and permanent homes. We have foster dogs from several area counties. I personally had one from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary located in Utah. Working together is what saves lives. An animal control who will pick up the phone and call a rescue, is taking the first step in reducing euthanasia in their county!

BELIEVING there is an alternative to the "needle," I have made it my goal to help dogs that may have ended up being euthanized in most area shelters. Due to age, breed, or just plain being born, these dogs, have limited time in animal control. Funding and space are not options in most counties. Adoptable dogs are put down daily due to overcrowding, and budget cuts.

An average stay in my rescue is three weeks, but I have had several for months at a time. I provide: Food, shelter, love, medical care, micro-chipping, and basic training. Most of our adult Pit Bulls are kept in our kennels. We personally take care of them each and every day. This is where we are able to evaluate them closer, to make sure that we place only the best Pit Bulls.  I strive to make each one of my dogs more adoptable than the day I got them.

We have seven wonderful foster homes. Our foster pets are treated like family, and they all experience family life. They go on family vacations, and stay in hotels. They travel to Portland, Eugene, and the coast.  We take them hiking, and swimming.
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Dead Dog Walking Pit Bull Rescue
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
The Dalles, OR

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Dead Dog Walking was started by a group of us that wanted to make a difference for Pit Bulls. We are a group of individuals who were tired of our Pit Bulls dying in our local shelters. Most shelters will not attempt to adopt this breed out. With no temperament test, no evaluation, nothing, these dogs are dying simply for being born a Pit Bull. Many Pit Bulls never make it to the adoption floor. Many are given temperament tests that I wouldn't even pass, fake hand, give me a break! We save dogs that have days and sometimes even minutes to live. We on rare occasion take in owner surrender Pit Bulls, but most of our Pit Bulls come from shelters where they were destined to die.

What gets me about this breed and the idiots who wish to ban them is the fact that what MAN has done to such an innocent kind soul is much worse that what Pit Bulls could ever do to man. I have seen Pit Bulls stabbed, burned, fought, and starved, yet nothing was ever done to the person that inflicted such pain on the innocent dog. I ask everyone how fair is that? When a man that has a thought process, who knows better yet intentionally inflicts pain and suffering on an innocent animal does not pay, how fair is that? If we are to ban Pit Bulls for being a Pit Bull, then should we not ban man for doing the same thing? Should we not put them in jail and make them pay? Many Pit Bulls suffer in silence, they live on chains, are fought every week, and yet nothing is done. And when this animal turns, when he has had enough, we wish to ban him, make him the bad guy when in truth we know who the bad guy is, and it is every person who has ever harmed such an innocent animal. We are their voice, for they can not speak. Through education, spay and neuter programs we hope to make a huge difference.
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